The Race!

FINISH (87.7km)!!!
Finishing Time: 9:55:51

Polly Shortts (80.2km)
7.5km to end
Time: 9:05:22
Pace: 6:48min/km

Lion Park (70.7km)
17km to end
Time: 7:58:12
Pace: 6.46min/kim

Cato Ridge (57.7km)
30km to end
Time: 6:10:51
Pace: 6.26min/km

Drummond (43.7km)
44km to end
Time: 4:30:33
Pace: 6.12min/km

Cowies Hill (16.8km)
70.9km to end
Time: 1:44:10
Pace: 6.12min/km

87.7 km to end
Time: 0:00:00

Here’s a pdf of the route map: comrades _marathon_2015_route_map

2 thoughts on “The Race!

  1. A HUGE congrats Alfred on another fantastic achievement from the entire Real Meal Revolution Team!

    We can’t wait to hear how your first experience of a fat fuelled Banting Comrades was.

    For now, we hope you are getting some well deserved rest 🙂

    Team Real Meal Revolution

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for your support Nicky (and the rest of the Team Real Meal Revolution!) So great for you guys to take time out from what I’m sure are your busy schedules to follow Alfred’s story. I’ll pass your congratulations onto him.


      PS Will pop you an email with our contact details tomorrow.


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