The Race Report!

86e5e94b52d37a6f547a30f980145367_DSC_6579And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for (sorry it took so long, but we were all in recovery!)…

Alfred’s reportback on his 14th Comrades Marathon, fueled for the first time by Banting! Alf shares his experiences, both on the road and off, and tells us about some of the more whimsical moments in his journey.

We also finally satisfy our curiosity about what it feels like to complete a test of the limits of human endurance, on a Low Carb/High Fat diet. (Spoiler alert: it feels good!)

So there you have it: 2015’s Comrades journey comes to an end. Congratulations on a great run, Alfred! See you on the road next year…

Read all about Alfred’s race here.

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