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Alfred Motaung, a veteran runner of the Comrades Marathon, has made the bold decision to switch to the Banting diet 2 months before the beginning of the 90th edition of the event.

For the next two months leading up to the Comrades Marathon 2015 we will track and blog on his experiences as he adapts to the change in diet and trains to complete his 14th marathon.

Follow Alfred’s story each week as we share each of its chapters:

Each week we’ll also track and share Alfred’s weight, waist-size, food eaten and log his training. We hope you enjoy and share Alfred’s journey to Comrades 2015. Please feel free to comment or mail your thoughts to alfredsbantingcomrades@gmail.com

Team ABC

Tam the secret blogger, drummer and yogiTamsin Cracknell is our Research Engineer at Southern Implants. She once worked for Eskom (which fell apart after she left) and then at a publishing company which helped her hone her quirky writing skills.

A self proclaimed introvert, Tam gets away with doing a lot of cool stuff under the radar… On any given day you might find her practising yoga, playing the drums, rocking out at a music concert or writing on her own “secret” blog.

Never one to shy at doing something new Tam’s complete support for work colleague, Alfred’s journey has helped drive this blog’s existence.

Kim White Kim White is the Southern Implants Engineering department’s resident foreigner and ray of sunshine. He’s always concocting projects and this whole shindig was obviously his brainchild. One time he wandered into a bar in Sandton by himself, and ended up getting a masterclass in whiskey-drinking from a bunch of high-level executives. He’s curious like that.

Kim is super-tall and super-chilled. He’s the youngest in our department, but the oldest soul. His top 5 strengths are: adaptability, learning things, including people, creating ideas, and being intellectual. He loves his homeland of Zimbabwe, talking about diets, and making people happy.

Photo credit: The google machine and Journey in Style

6 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Wishing my colleague the best of luck with his bold move, it almost feels crazy to cut the carbs (traditionally needed by those type of endurance runners), but it sure will be an interesting experiment to follow. I pray that this will help him improve on his overall time, he is a seasoned runner but the age thing has settled a bit in his mind, maybe this can assist in installing that “mind over matter” theory too 🙂

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  2. Hi Alfred, I’m also a novice at banting (5 weeks today). i was a retired runner but decided to run my 11 th Two Oceans since 2009 (10). My kids were doing SA Nippers Champs at Strand, Somerset West 9,10,11th April, and i noticed Oceans was 4 th. (I’m from Pinetown) I had 6 weeks to qualify at Pmb marathon (4hr28) and then another 6 weeks before Oceans. Four weeks before Oceans, on a Saturday long training run I joined another guy and we got chatting. He was banting and was pleased with his weight loss and runing improvement. I was 98 kg from 100 kg over Christmas and needed desperate measures. I downloaded the red, orange and green lists and ordered the book. Within 3 weeks i had dropped to 92 kg and was ready to go Oceans on water only. I read that Fordyce had done it, so what’s the problem —- well 3 weeks could be the 1 st problem but it wasn’t. I did cheat at 35 km and had a banana, and at 49 km, but all the way on water.(and cramp stop). I finished comfortably with a 6h31 and was not really stiff at all. On the Tuesday walked to top of Table Mountain on Platteklip trail.

    Previously I could only get to 18 km on water only — On a carb diet, so it HFLC really works.

    Comrades was not supposed to be on the cards — but now it is — for my 10 th. Whoop.

    All the best.


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    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your inspirational experience of marathon running on a HFLC diet. It’s messages like this that help encourage Alfred to stick to his guns. He unfortunately has limited internet access on his phone and can’t get onto the blog but has asked that I thank you for your encouraging words.

      We hope you will continue to follow Alfred’s story and hopefully we’ll see you at Comrades?!


      PS Yesterday Alfred ran his first marathon on a HFLC diet. He was aiming to finish in 5hr 30min… Final time-5hr 16min! The man is pretty thrilled.


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