The Race Report!

86e5e94b52d37a6f547a30f980145367_DSC_6579And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for (sorry it took so long, but we were all in recovery!)…

Alfred’s reportback on his 14th Comrades Marathon, fueled for the first time by Banting! Alf shares his experiences, both on the road and off, and tells us about some of the more whimsical moments in his journey.

We also finally satisfy our curiosity about what it feels like to complete a test of the limits of human endurance, on a Low Carb/High Fat diet. (Spoiler alert: it feels good!)

So there you have it: 2015’s Comrades journey comes to an end. Congratulations on a great run, Alfred! See you on the road next year…

Read all about Alfred’s race here.

The Race!

FINISH (87.7km)!!!
Finishing Time: 9:55:51

Polly Shortts (80.2km)
7.5km to end
Time: 9:05:22
Pace: 6:48min/km

Lion Park (70.7km)
17km to end
Time: 7:58:12
Pace: 6.46min/kim

Cato Ridge (57.7km)
30km to end
Time: 6:10:51
Pace: 6.26min/km

Drummond (43.7km)
44km to end
Time: 4:30:33
Pace: 6.12min/km

Cowies Hill (16.8km)
70.9km to end
Time: 1:44:10
Pace: 6.12min/km

87.7 km to end
Time: 0:00:00

Here’s a pdf of the route map: comrades _marathon_2015_route_map

Race Buildup

Tomorrow Alfred will run his 14th Comrades Marathon. It’s been an incredible journey for him – he’s overcome the struggle of injury, the challenges of adjusting to a new diet, lost 9 kilograms and run over 500km in the last two months.
And track him tomorrow by SMS’ing his race number 51183 to 39174 (R20 for nine SMS’s) or watch out for posts here of his times along the route.

Weekly weigh-in

Alfred makes his weekly weigh-in, in the Export-Sales office at work, and is dismayed to find that he’s gained 0.5kg! But his waist size has reduced so this hopefully means that he’s actually gaining lean mass or muscle…

20150511_120701 20150511_120705(Apparently tilting your head to side doesn’t make you any lighter:)

Check out Alf’s latest log graphs below…Weight&waistTraining3


Race Prep

final-countdownWell we’re well on our way to Comrades and there’s no turning back now… not that Alf has any notions of such a thing! We thought it was time to get down to the nitty gritty of a Comrades athlete’s final preparations, in both diet and training routine. In his characteristic way, Alfred calmly explains what it will take in these next few weeks to push himself to maximum mental and physical readiness.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how a Comrades runner uses his final weeks before the race, read on here