Weekly weigh-in

Alfred makes his weekly weigh-in, in the Export-Sales office at work, and is dismayed to find that he’s gained 0.5kg! But his waist size has reduced so this hopefully means that he’s actually gaining lean mass or muscle…

20150511_120701 20150511_120705(Apparently tilting your head to side doesn’t make you any lighter:)

Check out Alf’s latest log graphs below…Weight&waistTraining3


First Ultra Marathon Completed on the Banting Diet

This weekend Alfred ran the Loskop 50km Ultra Marathon. He was hoping to get a time of 5h30min…His final time – 5h16min!

Not bad for his first ultra on the Banting diet.

How did he fuel himself for the race? The night before he had a meal of fried eggs and boerewors. He then started the race on Saturday without having anything to eat. He made sure to drink a lot of water at all the fuelling stations then at the 25km he was craving something to eat. He got one of the guys at the station to give him a piece of boerwors and that kept him going until the end!

Water and boerwors for 50km. Great going Alfred!

Here are Alfred’s logs so far. You’ll see he’s dropped 4.5kg since he started the diet 3 weeks ago…
Training1 Weight1