Race Buildup

On the eve of the Comrades Marathon 2015, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Alfred’s story in numbers and by the dates that they happened…



kilograms that Alfred has shed in 9 weeks of being on the Banting diet


inches around the waist that Alfred has lost


kilometres in total that Alfred has run in 9 weeks on the Banting diet


kilometres that Alfred has left to run to reach the finish line of this year’s Comrades


hours, the time that Alf hopes to finish the race under


March 2015

Alfred is troubled by a knee injury and low energy levels that put his Comrades training on hold

30 March

Alfred goes “cold-turkey” on carbohydrates and boldly switches to the Banting diet

7 April

Alfred loses 3 kilograms in the first week of Banting

18 April

Less than 3 weeks on the diet and Alfred runs the Loskop 50km Ultramarathon in a remarkable time of 5 hours and 16 minutes

30 April

Alfred receives a generous donation from Switzerland which helps him purchase some much needed new running shoes

1 May

Alfred runs the Wally Hayward 42.2km in a time of 3 hours and 58 minutes

3 May

Alfred drops to the weight he was before last year’s Comrades

15 May

Alfred connects with the team at Meals on Wheels in order to use his run to promote their fantastic charity

22 May

Alfred’s work colleagues at Southern Implants band together to help raise funds for Alfred’s Comrades trip

Race Week (24-30 May)

Comrades Breakfast

Alfred’s club meets to make their final preparations and share encouraging and touching stories with friends and family.

Interview with biznews.com

Marika Sboros from biznews.com has a great interview with Alfred which goes a long way to help sharing his story with other.

Bon Voyage!

As Alfred and his team travel to Durban Tim Noakes and many others share there well wishes with Alfred

Alfred’s Final Thoughts Before the Race

“I’m feeling great now and looking forward to the big day tomorrow.

I’m so glad that people are following our blog and their comments are really encouraging. The biznews interview is an added advantage. I’m glad that my family group is following it as well as Banting for weight loss group.

I’m mentally, spiritually and physically ready. Thanks”


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